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What You Get

We are a one-stop shop for all your web & IT needs. We take complete care of everything for you — from website maintenance and support, to fixes and updates, to hosting, emails and domain names. All for a low fixed monthly cost.

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How It Works

It's super easy to get started. Here's how:

Sign up by choosing a plan that fits your needs. This might be a support plan, a hosting plan, a one-off job, a new website, a consultation, etc.

Tell us about your needs. Whether it is a problem you are having, or you want to increase your website's performance or something else

We get to work, fixing the issue often on the very same day. We also take care of all hosting, infrastructure, settings and domain technicalities for you

You happily get on with your day, having one less thing on your mind, while our support team continuously monitors and looks after your website

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Why Trust Us


Say GOODBYE to costly developers, overpriced hosting and expensive IT services
and say HELLO to a great complete care service at an affordable fixed price.

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What Alternatives You Have

Of course you have other options to deal with your web & IT problems when they happen:


Sign up for our service now and get a peace of mind that your website and IT is in good hands.

See our Services and Pricing

How Our Clients Use Our Service

 Here's a short list of some of the Web & IT issues we have resolved for small business owners just like you:

  • We save George money by providing him with Premium VPS cloud hosting for fraction of the price he would pay for the same anywhere else

  • We free Alex's time and save her money by regularly updating her site's contents for her

  • We give Joy a piece of mind by looking after her WP blog installation, website speed, backups

  • We grow Stephan's search engine traffic with adding dynamic content and landing pages

  • We boosted Yaniv's business by giving his website a brand new look and then made it easy for him to manage it by adding a CMS

  • We fixed Mark's membership site problems with up speeding it up by cleaning up unnecessary scripts

  • We helped Rangel recover his website which had been hacked and was hosting malware, then secured it to prevent future hacks

  • We saved Don over 2k on his custom built website by using a beautifully pre-designed template he picked himself

  • We increase Chris's conversions by making sure his site displays correctly on desktop and mobile

  • We boost Laura's revenue with recommending the optimal hardware and software setup for her home office needs

  • We stepped-up Alexandra's online business with adding email auto responders to her blog and setting up an online payment gateway

  • We maximized George's revenue by growing his brick and mortar business and taking it online

  • We saved Marie's website by fixing some important scripts that had gone haywire after her hosting provider upgraded their software

  • We built Renee's website from scratch and have been maintaining it for her ever since

Before finding out about our great services, these business owners would spend tons of their precious time looking for help EVERY TIME they had a problem — and problems did come often!

Now they simply tell us what needs fixing and we do the rest!

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Our guarantee

Our great service comes with an UNBEATABLE 100% satisfaction, 30 days money-back, no-questions asked guarantee
30 days guarantee

We are absolutely certain that you will LOVE the personal attention, reliable service, and quick turnaround that we provide, almost as much as you love our affordable fixed prices!

Try our service for 30 days. If you are not 100% satisfied, we INSIST that you get your money back.

No one else comes even close to this.

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What our Clients say

  • Frances Tsakonas, ISNUK Founder <br>London, UK

    I was lost before I found them

    "Running my business requires a lot of energy and I like to spend it all where it counts -- building my networks and looking for customers. When it comes to that, I rock! I am the exact opposite when it comes to technology tho — I get lost and don't know what to do. That was before I found the BITE guys. IT problems? Not any more! Thank you, guys!"

    Frances Tsakonas, ISNUK Founder
    London, UK

    Boris Batchvarov, Boston Harbor Angels <br>Boston, USA

    When I need something done, I need it quickly

    "We are among the top 3 elite angel investment groups in the world and we move fast. When I need something done, I need it quickly. Fast turnaround is crucial to stay ahead of the competition. When it comes to doing an excellent job, fast, I know I can count on BITE. Teaming up with them is one of the smartest moves I've ever done."

    Boris Batchvarov, Boston Harbor Angels
    Boston, USA

  • Alexander Mollov, Small Business Owner at Toni <br>Sofia, BG

    I run a business, not a webshop

    "In my company every penny counts and I don't have a full time person to look after the website and update the contents. I can't do it myself either — I run a business, not a webshop. Every time I need something on my website updated or I need to add some new text, I shoot an email to BITE team and they do it for me in no time."

    Alexander Mollov, Small Business Owner at Toni
    Sofia, BG

    George V., Var Standards <br>New York, US

    I like boating, not digging into computers

    "I am an accounting pro and although I work with spreadsheets all day, in my off-time I like boating, not digging into computers. My website is important to me because it brings me business, so I can't really forget about it. That's where the BITE team come in. I trust them completely, in fact so much that I've given them the freedom to do anything they feel is necessary without asking me first."

    George V., Var Standards
    New York, US

  • Alex Nikol, What's On For Kids Founder <br>Luxembourg, LUX

    They save me time and money

    "I am a working mom of two and I run a small business in my free time. Since it revolves around an online community I created, it is really important to have my site running smoothly. Having two kids and a full time job already consume all my time so having BITE's expert help for everything related to my website saves me time and money."

    Alex Nikol, What's On For Kids Founder
    Luxembourg, LUX

    Rangel Sharon, Parrot Coffee Owner <br>Brooklyn, USA

    BITE makes sure I sleep sound at night

    "I run a brick and mortar store wich also has an online site, the revenue from which feed me and my family. In the past, I've had outages and problems that often brought them down. That meant no income and increased costs to hire someone to fix them. After I switched to BITE I've had not even a single day downtime. BITE makes sure I sleep sound at night!"

    Rangel Sharon, Parrot Coffee Owner
    Brooklyn, USA

  • Vanya, e-Commerce Store Owner <br>Germany

    I saved €600/month by switching to BITE

    "I've saved €600 per month alone in web development savings. The company I used before was charging me €70/hr for every single website update I needed. When I found and signed up for BITE, it took these guys less than 6 hrs to implement my ENTIRE to-do list. As a result of the new functionality my sales jumped 17%. The freedom of having someone taking care of my website is incredible!"

    Vanya, e-Commerce Store Owner

    Helene, Partner in a top consulting firm<br>Luxembourg

    I now send all my clients to BITE

    "I cannot recommend these guys enough. Previously I've used local web and hosting companies for my clients' needs but I've never seen the kind of personal attention that BITE provides. They are also super affordable which makes my clients even happier!"

    Helene, Partner in a top consulting firm

What people ask us

Who are you?

We’re a team of developers and technologists who like all things web and IT. Frankly, we are a little bit obsessed with websites and technology. Each one of our team members is very experienced and have been working with websites and solving IT problems for 10+ years. When it comes to websites and technology, we've seen it all. Needless to say, you're in good hands with us.

Why do I need your service?

We offer hassle-free web and IT support for your business. If you have a website or use computers, then you need our service. If you run your own business and do not already have an IT guy or a company that takes care of your website, then we are exactly right for you. If you already have an IT guy or a company, I can assure you that you are overpaying for their services. And you are probably not happy with them most of the time. I assure you, you WILL be happier with our service.

Where are you located? I want to sign up but I live in the UK

The company is headquartered in Luxembourg. We have teams in the US, UK and Australia. This allows us to cover basically all time zones so we can quickly respond to urgent requests. All our support services are done online. Over the years, we've found that this is the best way to do this kind of job. So the physical location of our headquarters doesn't really matter and you are welcome to sign up regardless of your location.

I want to sign up, what do I do?

Just click on the sign up button under one of the plans above. You need a credit card (or a PayPal account) to sign up for a recurring monthly subscription. There is no contract to sign or any setup fee. You can also pay for the entire year's subscription via bank transfer.

When will my subscription expire?

Your subscription is for one year. At the end of that year, we will roll it over for another year unless you instruct us not to. And remember, it comes with an unbeatable 100% no-questions-asked 30-days money-back guarantee.

What's the difference between Web support and IT support?

Easy - anything that needs to be done on or about your website falls under the web support category. Everything else, like email setup, office networking, advice on software or laptop purchase, is IT support.

Unlimited service? Really?

Yes indeed. Our website support is unlimited. Website problems come and go and we have your back whenever you need us to fix them, as often as you need it. We top this up with additional unlimited IT support over email. Whatever your case is, we'll take care of it. Please read our terms of service for more details.

I don't want to pay a monthly fee. Do you do one-off jobs?

We do. However, we try to give our undivided attention to our monthly subscribers. You can order a one-off job here and we'll do it as quickly as we can.

What kind of problems do you solve? My case is special!

Try us. If you are not sure we won't be able to solve your problem, don't sign up. Instead, email us at info@businessitessentials.com and ask. Chances are we'll fix it in a day.

Do you do SEO?

Yes. We use a 50-point checklist to optimize your on-page SEO and we can advise you how to handle your off-page SEO so you can increase your SEO score and conversions.

Do you provide help with Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and e-commerce platforms?

Yes. We have worked with the majority of the frameworks that exist. You are in the right place for taking care of those.

I think I overpay for hosting - can you help with that?

Yes. All our unlimited plans include free Premium hosting. On cloud based dedicated server which means blazingly fast speeds. Or if you don't need a service plan and only need hosting, you can purchase that separately for a fraction of the price you would pay anywhere else. See our Premium Hosting plan here.

I just need to ask several questions, is that OK?

Yes. You can get a one-time consultation from our experts. To do that click here.

I need a new website - can you help me?

Yes. Our New Website Offer is the best on the market. Check it out here.

An Offer for You

And just because you made it reading up to here, we would like to extend this offer to you. Enjoy!

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About The Founders


Hi, I'm Veneta.
I’ve been running my own business for 10+ years now and I always struggled finding someone who I could trust with my website, hosting and IT. I have changed multiple hosting companies and web developers in search of reliable trustworthy service that I can rely on when I need it and that does not overcharge me. Finally I decided to create one myself. Business IT Essentials is exactly what every business owner needs - support and expertise that is always there for you. There are no hidden charges or fees - you only pay a fixed monthly fee and let us take care of the rest.


Hello, I'm Ivo.
I’ve been helping businesses and individuals with their websites and online needs for 15+ years. I know how important your website is for you and how important is to have someone you trust taking care of it. Business IT Essentials is ideal for business owners and individuals who want the peace of mind that their website and IT is in good hands. We help you save time and money by providing complete care for your web and IT for a low fixed monthly price.  You will love our personal attention, quick response and resolution, and of course how affordable our services are.
Give us a try — I guarantee you'll never go back to your old ways!

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